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Parent Information Sheet 2023 2024


Regular school attendance is vital to a child's success in school. When a child is absent from school due to illness, the parent must call the school on the date of the illness to report the absence. If a child misses more than 15 days of school per year, parents must provide a doctor's note to excuse further absences due to illness. Excused absences are acceptable, but unexcused absences can become a problem.

If a child accumulates a minimum of 15 unexcused absences within 90 days, it violates Florida's Compulsory School Attendance Law. The violation could have legal consequences for the parent and/or the student. The School Board has recently adopted more specific policies for excessive unexcused tardies. These absences will now count towards the unexcused absence count. For example, 5 unexcused will equal 1 unexcused daily absence.

Please help us improve our students' rate of attendance. The more our children attend school, the more they learn. Contact your school social worker, teacher, or guidance counselor if you need help getting your child to attend school regularly and on-time every day.

Your school social worker, Lissette Fernandez, is a resource for students and families. Contact your school social worker for assistance with increasing school attendance. Your school social worker can also assist you with accessing community/social service resources, counseling services, and medical insurance. Your school social worker may be contacted at (386) 322-6201 ext. 34215 or by email at