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Creekside Clubs and Activities​

Club Sponsor Day of the Week Location  Time
Band Pritchard Rehearsals as needed 10-01 varies
Basketball Club Howard Mondays/Wednesdays Gym 4:30
Battle of the Books Manuel / Shank Varies Media center Lunch
Chorus Deming Rehearsals as needed 10-03 varies
Chorus -Outreach Deming Wednesdays 10-03 3:30
Colorguard Chapman Tuesdays/Thursdays Courtyard 4:30
Cougar Creative Club Shank Varies Media After school
Cougarettes West Rehearsals as needed 5-01 varies
Culinary Club Cabaniss Monthly/days vary 7-10 4:20
FFA                          Sepanic varies 5-04 Varies
Fishing Club Warren Varies Courtyard Varies
Go Green O'Connell 2nd/4th Wednesday 6-22 8:50
Golf Club Smith First Tuesday of the month Crane Lakes Golf club  
Math Counts A. Miles TBD    
NJHS Raines varies 3-26 8:50 am
Robotics Cindric Mondays 5-02 4:15pm
Student Council                   Dougal First Tuesday of each month `3-23 8:50 am
Athletic team - Cross Country  Williams/Kirschner Mondays/Wednesdays Gym 4:30
Athletic team - Basketball



TBA/Spring Gym  ​